If you recognize yourself in these few symptoms…
Don’t wait!

  • Increase in operating working capital requirements
  • Longer intercompany credit balance
  • Substandard margin rates
  • Increase in indebtedness rate
  • Equity stagnation
  • Lack of solvency
  • High level of indebtedness
  • Management overoptimism
  • Increase in expenditures
  • Obscuring red flags and difficulties

n addition to the internal turmoil generated by strong growth, there is often a feeling of relative infallibility on the part of management, resulting in excessive optimism and confidence in the strategies followed.

Next come :

  • A loss of control
  • Missed opportunities
  • Lower than expected profits
  • An imbalance in your company’s financial fundamentals
  • Solvency problems

This is indeed a real process in which these symptoms follow one after another, often leading to the eventual disappearance of the company