A multi-sector approach


Global market forecast

$473 Bn / CAGR 12,7%

Big Data Market by segments:

  • Components (Hardware, software, and services
  • Deployment model (On-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid)
  • Business function (Finance, sales and marketing, human resources, and operations)
  • Application (Customer analytics, operational analytics, fraud detection, compliance, data warehouse optimization)
  • Industry vertical (manufacturing, media & entertainment, BFSI, IT & telecommunication, healthcare, energy and power, retail & e-commerce, government, transportation)
  • Retail, hospitality, travel, and other industries are increasingly implementing cloud-based and AI-driven social media analytics solutions to support market expansion

Selected Credentials

  • Creation / Development of an industrial and commercial spin-off coming out of a research laboratory
  • Re-prototyping, de-risking and worldwide sales launch of a scientific & technological research platform for industrials
  • Acceleration of development of a startup editor of software solutions for the management of innovations for big accounts
  • Repositioning and acceleration of a mid-sized e-learning software editor for industry (chemicals, pharma, nuclear, metallurgy, agri-business)
  • Acceleration of the international sales expansion of a mid-sized firm specialized in providing Data Base management solutions for big groups



Global market forecast

$1.683 Bn / CAGR 8,7%

Biotech market by segments:

  • Applications : Bio-Pharma / Bio-Industries / Bio-Agriculture / Bio-Services / Bio-Informatique
  • Technologies : Fermentation / régénération tissulaire / PCR technology (Polymerase Chain Reaction / Nanobiotechnology / Chromatographie / Séquencement ADN

Selected Credentials

  • Launching and EMEA market deployment of a certified CCG biological analysis laboratory Coordination of market access strategy and development
  • Development acceleration of the rapid gene sequencing project of a startup originating from prestigious research laboratories
  • Development and commercialization (Europe / USA) of innovative treatments for the prevention of allergies and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
  • Industrialization and global launch of a new type of surgical glue for cutaneous, biological tissue and orthopedic applications
  • Acceleration of the marketing and commercial development of an SME specialized in intelligent fabric sensors and the processing of biomechanical data for the prevention of pressure sores

Global market forecast

  • Robotics                                           $43 Bn / CAGR 5,5%
  • IOT                                              $1.660 Bn / CAGR 10,2%

Selected Credentials

  • Re-articulation of the R&D of an SME market leader and acceleration of its international commercial penetration (private and public markets)
  • Structuration and acceleration of the international development of mixed reality technology for industrial use (aeronautics, automobile, naval, energy, petrol and gas)

Global market forecast

Global renewable energy 

$1.510 Bn / CAGR 8,8%


$19.007 Bn / CAGR  9,1%

Selected Credentials

  • Creation and launching of a biogas distribution startup for agri-food professionals
  • Valorization of a patent (breakthrough innovation) for a global industrial group.
    Pilot development and industrial deployment
  • Strategic positioning and acceleration of the development of a new production process of micro-beads used in cosmetics and industries for a large international group
  • Search for market applications, framework and operational and financial validation of the launching of a thermoforming process coming out of a research laboratory
  • Implantation and development on an international scale of a new restaurant chain concept
  • Industrial, commercial and financial re-articulation and worldwide development of a platform synthesizing its own active molecules for oil-free lubricants



Global market forecast

  • Marine Vessel market                        $153 Bn / CAGR 3,9%
  • Global Yacht market                                      $35 Bn / CAGR 5%
  • Wind Powered Ships                            $1.800 Bn (fundings needed for shipping to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 

Selected Credentials

  • Accelerating the commercial development of an advanced small company in a context of global market restructuring (High power & lower consumption IC solutions)
  • Accelerating the international commercial development of a localization solution for military use
  • Restructuring, global repositioning and acceleration of an SME specializing in the treatment of in-shore and off-shore marine erosion
  • Restructuring of shipyards (marketing repositioning of the product range / optimization of production lines / assembly)
  • Accelerating and setting up an endowment fund to finance prestigious offshore races (Vendée Globe, etc.)

Global market forecast

Aerospace global market

$358 Bn / CAGR 6,6%

Aerospace global market by segments:

  • Type (Commercial Aircraft / Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling Services / Aerospace Support & Auxiliary Equipment
  • Size : Wide-Body / Narrow-Body / Regional
  • End-User : Government / Private Sector
  • Opération : Autonomous Aircraft / Manual

Defense global market 

$718 Bn / CAGR 5,6%

Defense globalmarket by segments:

  • Type: Air based Defense Equipment, Sea based Defense Equipment, Land based Defense Equipment, Defense Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling Services, Defense Support and Auxiliary Equipment
  • Operation: Autonomous Defense Equipment, Manual
  • Platform: Airborne, Land, Naval

Selected Credentials

  • Restructuring, acceleration of the marketing and commercial development of a mid-sized company specialized in biometric authentication
  • Structuring and accelerating the industrial and commercial development of processes for optimizing sensitive computer programs, particularly for the Defense and Aerospace industries
  • Restructuring and accelerating of the development of a precision engineering company subcontracting for the civil and military aeronautics industries
  • Structuring and accelerating the international commercial development of a platform specialized in the management and treatment of industrial risks



Global market forecast

$698 Bn / CAGR 20,3%

Fintech Technologies Market by segments:

  • Deployment Mode (On-Premise and Cloud), Application (Payment & Fund Transfer, Loans, Insurance & Personal Finance, Wealth Management, and Others)
  • Technology (Application Programming Interface [API]
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI], Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics, and Others)
  • End User (Banking, Insurance, Securities, and Others)

Selected Credentials

  • Structuring a financial start-up in the global commercialization of new insurance products
  • Launching and development of an international startup specializing in the securitization of contemporary art work
  • Restructuring and development of a mid-cap fund in Europe, Asia and America (with the consolidation of innovative high potential startups)
  • Accelerated development and market launching (Europe) of an innovative model for a collaborative claim management platform



Global market forecast

$10.361 Bn / CAGR 14,7%

Selected Credentials

  • Industrial deployment of an innovative model for a large distribution platform. Financing support and preparation for internationalization
  • Structuring and accelerating the commercialization of a solution to optimize physical points of sale (stores / supermarkets)
  • Repositioning and commercial development acceleration of a mid-sized company specialized in leasing office buildings



Global market forecast

  • IT Healthcare                                $143 Bn / CAGR 17,9%
  • Healthcare services                    $7.975 Bn / CAGR 6,3%

Selected Credentials

  • Industrialization and market access (EMEA) of an innovative technology for remote medical imaging
  • Integration and consolidation of innovative processes and startups in a global chronic disease prevention group
  • Structuring and international development of a software solution for cardiovascular medical imaging (Japan I USA I Europe)
  • Global development of a 3D membrane micro-nanoscopic platform combining a hardware, software and biological consumables trinomial

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